“Always be a poet, even in prose.” ―Charles Baudelaire

Below you will find some samples of my most recent work:

The Modern Well: Community Coffee for All

At The Modern Well, community always comes first. Inspired by a deep love for both people and coffee, their passion is brewed into every cup, from the pour-over to the drip. According to their guiding philosophy, the best things in life are better when shared—including coffee. Intrigued? Want to know why you’re sure to fall in love with The Modern Well? Keep reading to learn more about their vision, menu offerings, and more!

Care for Your Community with Community Living Centers, Inc.

Are you looking for ways to engage with your community? Volunteer your resources or time to the nonprofit Community Living Centers, Inc. Their mission is to provide wellness-centered opportunities for growth and independence to adults living with disabilities. Through a range of services, Community Living Centers, Inc. empowers its clients to live happy and supported lives. Learn more about this incredible organization and find out how you can give back down below!

The Art of Japanese Cuisine: Salaryman

Like the creative process itself, variations of the Salaryman menu continually ebb and flow. Japanese cuisine staples such as main course ramen, rice side-dishes, and yakitori, remain, while other gastronomic iterations appear by chance. The brainchild of head chef Justin Holt, Salaryman offers community members a welcoming space to relax while enjoying authentic bites and inspired spirits. Discover the art of Japanese dishes at Salaryman and enter an intentional world designed for the invaluable wage worker.

Coping with coronavirus: How to take care of yourself and work from home

In mid-January, my partner and I began reading reports about an infectious disease spreading across China. The news alarmed us. And yet, when the coronavirus finally arrived it still felt as if we had woken up to an alternate reality. Like the moment of shock upon finding a snow-covered world outside your window, even after consistently checking the forecast. The difference, of course, is that this virus is entirely invisible. Thinking about my middle-aged parents with compromised immune system

At-home yoga: Convenient and rewarding

If you’re anything like me and millions of people across the country, you have probably thought to yourself, “I should do more self-care” – whatever that means for you. Especially around the new year, we tend to feel the pressure to tweak, improve or fix something about ourselves. Resolutions generally center around stopping a habit we have deemed unhealthy. For 2020, why not focus on what you want to invite into your life, rather than on what you want to take away? Slowing down and allowing o

Out of My Comfort Zone in the Nam Ha National Park Laos | Pink Pangea

Resting on a faded, decorative cloth pad in an open-air lodge deep in the Nam Ha National Park Laos, at a Lanten village, my mind whirred, unable to settle. I wrapped my body tighter in my favorite purple scarf, attempting to fend off the bugs crawling across the floor and through my imagination. A smokey taste from dinner lingered in my mouth, and the saturated sounds of heavy breathing filled the air. It wouldn’t be until the following morning that I would realize the origin of the smokey tast